20. July 2018

MEVELIN – Technology

Selection and delivery of high-technology equipment on a turnkey basis


Mikhail Budagashvili is a qualified mechanical engineer.

He was born in 1961 in Georgia. In 1984, he graduated with honors from the Georgian Polytechnic Institute. Since 1984 he has lived and worked in Moscow, Germany, and Switzerland. He has been working with premium class equipment since 1984 (for more than 30 years).

Work experience:

  • GALIKA AG – equipment sale and purchase,
  • HERMLE WWE AG – Director,
  • ALFLETH Engineering AG – Commercial Director,
  • MEVELIN AG – Managing Director.


He personally knows many advanced Western manufacturers of high-precision equipment, as well as a great number of potential clients in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Our mission

Review of production challenges and needs of our clients

Selection of the best equipment from all over the world for our clients

Preparation of contracts with reliable partners (taking part in tenders, financing, transport, logistics, customs clearance...)

Integrated supply and turnkey equipment delivery

Success of our clients!

When should you turn to us?

If you are facing complex engineering and process challenges and looking for the best way to deal with them

If you need turnkey engineering and you don't know who could offer the best solution

If you need professional advice on a variety of issues, both technical and financial

If you need advice and recommendations from independent experts

If you are looking for reliable, cost-efficient, and smart solutions for your production tasks

Contact us – we are confident that you will be happy with what we can do for you. We are committed to delivering only positive results to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

Service package for our clients: